The Best Weight Loss Teas in Folk Medicine and Science
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Some teas, besides having other benefits for human health, make it also easier to lose weight.

We all know that teas like green, black, and others that I will write about later in this blog have already been scientifically proven to help lose weight.

In this blog, besides the above, I would like to list some interesting recipes for tea mixes used in traditional medicine.

These recipes have been approved by famous pharmacologists of the last century. Unfortunately, modern scientific studies have not yet been made for them. Hopefully, in the future, more attention will be paid to this topic as well as the true benefits of all herbs globally.

I would like to start with the short recipes for these teas. I will then follow up with those that have already been tested by modern scientific studies and proven help to lose weight. Finally, I will end up with possible side effects.

Tradicional Weight Loss Teas

These teas may be a little more complicated than plain and ready-made green or black tea. But, if you want to incorporate something new into your diet, these mixes can be really more effective than ordinary teas.

1.Mix of Weight Loss Teas Recipe


  • 100 grams-alder buckthorn bark – which once removed from the tree, is immediately heated to 110°C for 1 hour.
  • 10-grams lovage root
  • 10-grams dandelion root
  • 10-grams liquorice or root of Glycyrrhiza
  • 10-grams spiny restharrow
  • 10-grams common buckthorn
  • 10-grams senna
  • 10-grams dandelion leaves
  • 10-grams vine leaf
  • 10-grams dandelion flower
  • 10-grams Bladder wrack (Fucus spp)
  • 500 ml water


  • Add 3 large tablespoons of these herbs saturated in 500 ml of preheated water at 80 °C.
  • Аllow to cool and drain


Drink the tea 3 times daily after a meal instead of water, and do not add sugar or any other sweetener.

2. Mix of Weight Loss Teas Recipe

  • 15 grams – alder buckthorn bark
  • 15 grams – common buckthorn
  • 15 grams – spiny restharrow root
  • 5 grams – dried caraway fruit
  • 5 grams – dried fennel fruit
  • 5 grams – dried coriander fruit
  • 5 grams – dried chamomile flower
  • 5 grams – dried white dead-nettle

The preparation and use is as in the first recipe.

3. Mix of Weight Loss Teas Recipe

  • 10 grams – alder buckthorn bark
  • 10 grams – common buckthorn bark
  • 5 grams – dried fennel fruit
  • 5 grams – dried caraway fruit
  • 5 grams – dried pimpinella fruit
  • 5 grams – dried coriander fruit
  • 5 grams – dried milk thistle flower
  • 5 grams – dried chamomile flower
  • 5 grams – dried white dead-nettle
  • 5 grams – dried yarrow flowers
  • 5 grams – dried maize hair

The preparation and use is as in the first recipe.

4.Mix of Weight Loss Teas Recipe

  • 30 grams – dried yarrow flowers
  • 30 grams – dried john’s wort flowers
  • 20 grams – bladder wrack (fucus spp)
  • 20 grams – dried fennel fruit

The preparation and use is as in the first recipe.

5. Mix of Weight Loss Teas Recipe

  • 20 grams – alder buckthorn bark
  • 20 grams – common buckthorn dried fruit
  • 20 grams – lovage root
  • 20 grams – spiny restharrow root
  • 10 grams – dried juniperi fructus
  • 10 grams – bladder wrack (fucus spp)
  • 10 grams – dried chamomile flowers

The preparation and use is as in the first recipe.

6. Mix of Weight Loss Teas Recipe

  • 40 grams – alder buckthorn bark
  • 10 grams – lovage root
  • 10 grams – spiny restharrow root
  • 10 grams – dandelion root
  • 10 grams – bladder wrack (fucus spp)
  • 10 grams – dandelion flower
  • 10 grams – red raspberry leaf

The preparation and use is as in the first recipe.

7. Mix of Weight Loss Teas Recipe

  • 25 grams – common buckthorn dried fruit
  • 25 grams – bladder wrack (fucus spp)
  • 25 grams – white dead-nettle flower
  • 25 grams – milk thistle flower

The preparation and use is as in the first recipe.

8. Mix of Weight Loss Teas Recipe

  • 25 grams – dried senna fruit
  • 25 grams – common buckthorn dried fruit
  • 25 grams – dried caraway fruit
  • 25 grams – dried fennel fruit

The preparation and use is as in the first recipe.

All types of teas in these mixes have properties that help lose weight. They reduce the secretion of kelin in the stomach, affect the entire digestive system, metabolism and other properties that I will talk about individually and in detail in my further blogs.

Now, I would like to start with the simpler teas for which there are scientific studies on how they affect weight loss. These types of teas are more popular and used than previously mentioned, but that does not mean they are more effective.

Scientifically Proven Weight Loss Teas.

The following teas have been shown to be effective in reducing abdominal weight and obesity. This is also shown by the scientific studies done on them.

Obesity can be a cause of many health problems, of which most are physical but they also cause psychological problems.

Just to clarify, white tea is the tips or the flowers of the tea plant. Green and black is the same leaf, it’s just how long they are left to oxidize.

Black Tea

The most popular types of black tea are Earl Gray and English breakfast. The brown or black color of the tea comes from its high oxidation or chemical reaction when the leaves of the plant are exposed to air. Other teas such as green and white have not undergone such an oxidation process.

A study in which black tea helps to lose weight has been done in respondents who drank black tea 3 times a day for 3 months. The results showed that they reduced the weight and volume of the stomach compared to those who drank controlled caffeine beverages instead of tea.

Flavonoids that have antioxidant properties in black tea may also be responsible for speeding up the weight loss process. This has been shown in a study that researched the association between flavonoids and weight loss.

The results show that a higher amount of flavonoids intake through food and beverages enables lower body mass index (BMI).

Green Tea

One of the most popular and most used weight loss teas is green tea. The following studies show that this type of tea really helps in weight loss.

Green tea extract contains high amounts of catechins, antioxidants that increase fat burning and boost immunity.

That is the reason for the significant decrease in body fat, body weight, and waist circumference of the respondents taking this extract for study purposes.

The group that did not consume the green tea extract did not show the same effect.

In another study of 60 obese people on a 12-week diet, the participants were divided into two groups. One drank green tea, and the other didn’t.

The group that drank the tea lost 3.3 kg more than the other group.

Oolong Tea

The traditional Chinese oolong tea has a unique fruity flavor and fragrant aroma. Actually, the taste depends on the level of oxidation.

This type of tea is found between green and black tea because it is only partially oxidized. The color is also between the previous two teas due to the level of oxidation.

It has been shown that oolong tea speeds up the metabolism and improves calorie burning.

This is proven in a study in which 120 obese people drank oolong tea daily for 6 weeks. At the end of the study, they reported faster metabolism and increased calorie burn. Their weight and body fat decreased significantly.

Drinking oolong tea for three days increases your energy expenditure by 2.9%. In other words, it means burning an additional 281 calories a day. This is the result of a study in which part of the respondents drank water and the other part oolong tea. To come to a conclusion, they have been measured by metabolic rates.

However, these are small studies that require further research.

Puerh Tea

Puerh tea which is also called pu-erh or pu’er tea is a type of fermented Chinese black tea. The more stored it gets the more earthy aroma. It is often consumed after a meal.

A study in which 70 participants took puerh tea extract capsules for 3 months lost 1 kg (2.2 pounds) more than the placebo group.

Another study in rats using puerh tea extract showed that it has anti-obesity properties and prevents weight gain.

In addition to helping to lose weight, puerh tea has also been shown to lower blood sugar and blood triglycerides.

These studies are done using puerh tea extract, not tea.

White tea

White tea, unlike the others, is harvested while young and minimally processed. It has a slightly sweet, subtle, and delicate taste.

It contains catechins approximately the same as green tea and therefore helps in weight loss.

White tea extracts increase the breakdown of fat cells and prevents the formation of new ones, studies have shown.

Helping to lose weight are secondary properties that have emerged while studies have shown that this type of tea helps with oral health and has anti-cancer properties.

Additional studies are needed for weight loss properties of white tea.

Herbal Tea

Herbal teas do not contain caffeine and can be made from spices, fruits, and other parts of the herb.

The most famous herbal teas are ginger tea, hibiscus tea, rosehip tea, and rooibos tea. Among other benefits, some of these teas help with weight loss.

So far, there is a specific study only for Rooibos tea. And that study has shown that this type of herbal tea is very effective in burning fat. It also prevents the formation of fat cells and improves metabolism.

Other types of herbal teas require further research. For rose hips, its tea and weight loss properties can be read on my blog Rose Hips Benefits, Uses, Harvesting, Side Effects.

Possible Side Effects

Some of these teas can cause low or high blood pressure. Each individual may act differently and have different symptoms.

It should not be over-exaggeratedly drunk – 1-2 cups of tea a day is sufficient. If you do not feel well with this amount, stop drinking and consult a doctor.

People who are allergic to similar herbs can have allergic reactions.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not drink it because it has not yet been studied on how it works in these conditions.

Final Words

With proper diet and physical activity, these teas can help normalize the metabolism, lose weight and fat, and prevent the formation of new fat cells.

The first tea mixes have been used in traditional medicine but have also been recognized by renowned pharmacologists of the last century. They may be more complicated to prepare but probably are also more efficient.

The latter types of teas are simple and well-known, and there are more recent scientific studies about them.

Be careful not to drink too much tea as it can cause complications. If you are not sure about how to use it, consult a doctor.

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