Informational Blog About Medical Herbs

This will not be a blog about “Go vegan!” or something like that. I’m not a nutritionist or medical person. I’m just someone who wants to help by sharing knowledge of elderly people about herbs.

This era of processed food and synthetic remedies and all these diseases are returning us back to nature. The only thing that will help us to go over it

The science part will be included, but the biggest part will be folk knowledge, due to lack of science researchers

I’m not a wizard in the kitchen, so be sure that all useful information in my blogs is easy to prepare. And it will be mostly about raw food, plants, and easy recipes.

Useful Information About Herbs

Recipes Included
Beautiful thyme dried for tes on black background.


This plant can help you go over fast and strenuous life easier with its calming properties.

Dandelion fresh flower with leaves.


Did you know that this everyday herb has so much vitamins and minerals which can greatly improve your health?

A bottle filled with kombucha tea.

Kombucha Tea

The weird mushroom which requires positive energy to give tea for health.

Use everyday nature around you to conquer this era of synthetic food and medications easier.

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