Prepared Natural Tea for winter.

All-natural tea, hand-picked, in that beautiful small town up in the mountain.
And the Kombucha (tea mushroom) that I took to my mother that weekend. The goji berry plant that I saw in her garden. All that beautiful nature around me while I was cycling in the pine forest and the dogwood.

That Monday not so long ago, I decided to share all my knowledge about folk medicine and nature that was passed on to me from my grandparents and elderly people in my town.
They use folk remedies more than pharmaceutical, and I strongly believe their health is in good condition all these years because of it.

My country is in south-eastern Europe, where the population is mostly poor. But, it’s rich with sunny days that help the vegetation and agriculture to be one of the best in Europe. Friends who live in the west often tell that our vegetables are the most delicious.

I’m not a wizard in the kitchen, so be sure that all useful information in my blogs is easy to prepare. And it will be mostly about raw food, plants, and easy recipes.

I’m vegetarian, not by choice, but since I was born, I suppose it’s in my core. I do eat dairy products a lot, but meat is not my thing. It’s been like that for my whole life years. I don’t know if that’s okay or it’s not. I guess it depends on every organism after all.

This will not be a blog about ” Go vegan!” or something like that. I’m not a nutritionist or medical person. I’m just someone who wants to help by sharing knowledge of elderly people, and with that to contribute to the better health of everyone.

I always believed that the appearance of the illness is just a consequence from something that we did in the past, something that was wrong.
And when we heal that illness, we heal the consequence, not the cause.

The cause for our illnesses, or at least the biggest one, is processed, unhealthy food and drinks that we ate long before it happened. We are what we eat, so this unhealthiness accumulates in our bodies over time.

I recently noticed a growing number of people who share the same opinion. After all, diseases, sickness, not to mention cancer, which continuously gains momentum, bring us back to the beginning. Back to nature. I strongly believe this might be the only thing that will help us go over this era of processed food and synthetic remedies.

I will mention scientific research that is made about every particular herb and the benefits from it to human health. Also, cover what to be careful about when using a particular herb or plant.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many studies about these natural remedies and benefits from them. Here, the bigger part will be folk medicine knowledge, with the hope that in the future there would be people with the goodwill to scientifically prove the benefits of nature.

Also, there will be very easy, cheap recipes for you to prepare teas, oils, tinctures, etc. from every herb at home.